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Cash Grand Prizes! 
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The KICKASS FILM FEST is not your average Film Festival. We strive to be a staple in the Colorado film community and beyond. Unlike any other, we provide an experience with awards and prizes for all winners, a red carpet experience for all showcases, and networking opportunities in the Art & Film community.

The KICKASS FILM FEST challenges independent filmmakers to write, film, and edit a 5-7 minute short film in just 72-hours! Then we host a public screening for all film lovers followed by an award ceremony for awards like Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director, etc.

Be a part of the action!

Kick Ass Film Fest World Premier & Award Ceremony Live! 2024
Kick Ass Film Fest World Premier & Award Ceremony Live! 2024
4th annual World Premier screening and award ceremony for the 2024, 72 Hour Kick Ass Film Festival! This is the BIG EVENT! 20+ short 5-7 minute films, 14 epic awards, A Magical Red Carpet Party, and Live Music entertainment, this is a day of non-stop action!

Dates you don't want to miss!

Early Registration $50



Regular Registration $75


Meet and Greet


Late Registration $100


Registration Closes


Filming Dates


KICKASS World Premier

and Award Ceremony


We are looking for Sponsors

What it's like


We're ecstatic about the ongoing improvement and growth of this film festival. It brings us immense joy to witness fresh talent joining our ranks, alongside the wonderful individuals who consistently come to show their support. Stay tuned for our upcoming meet and greet event, where you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow filmmakers and creatives, and perhaps even forge some new friendships!

The KICKASS Short Film Winner 2024
"The Gamble He Left Us"
Safe Haven Productions

Line:"What would you have said"
Character: First Responder

Prop: Playing Cards


The KICKASS Podcast

On the KICKASS Podcast you sit down with the KICKASS Film Fest Directors Jacob Rivera, and David Chavez as they interview the film makers from previous seasons and deep dive into their films, cast, and crew!

Listen here

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  • What If I miss a deadline?
    All deadlines are final. Registers must be submitted on time as well as films during the competition.
  • What are the awards?
    This years awards are to be determined. However we aim to match or beat last years awards and prizes which consisted of a glass plaque, certificate, and sponsored gift. Sponsored gifts included; $1,000 Cash, $500 Cash, GoPro Hero 9, Film Convert Software, Cinematch Software, Screenwriting Software, and more. Award Catagories: KICKASS film award (Best Short Film), Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Score, Best Set Design, Best Use of Line, Best Use of Character, Best Use of Prop, Best Ensemble, Audience Choice.
  • What are the rules?
    Teams will have 72 hours to write, film, and edit a 5-7 minute film. We will give everyone a prop, character, and line of dialoue that they must incorporate into their film in the same 72 hours as everyone else. You cannot turn in your film after the 72 hours is up.
  • What if I do not live in Pueblo Colorado?
    No problem! We highly encourage film makers from the entire United States to enter the festival. However you will have to film within our timezone dates and times which is Mountain Time USA
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